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400 lbs (10 bags) $375.00 delivered ACTUAL SIZE OF PELLETS
520lbs (13 bags) $468.00 delivered
800lbs (20 bags) $700.00 delivered


Whether you are looking to clean up your wake by evening out your boat's weight distribution or if you are looking for a quick and easy way to completely weight down your boat without the wait of filling up and emptying water bladders... then POP Products Weight Bags are your answer.

POP Products Weight Bags are a PORTABLE SOLUTION. When each bag lays flat on the floor of your boat it is approximately 2" tall. This will allow you to stack a few bags without compromising valuable storage space. Each bag is made of durable vinyl and offers a convenient carry handle. And because each bag only weighs 40 LBS- they are easy to move around your boat as your crew load changes. Try moving around a big water bladder or lead plates while you are driving... NOT EASY. By evening out your weight distribution you can be sure that your wake is CLEAN AND CONSISTENT- EVERY TIME YOU RIDE!!!

POP Products Weight Bags are simply tiny steel shot pellets housed in a plastic inner liner. Because the pellets are so small, you can actually mold the weight bags to fit in ANY space in your boat. Have a small storage space in the nose of your boat? No problem.

Have a special need or application? EMAIL US and we can see if we can accomodate your request.

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